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November 23, 2009, 09:09:51 PM
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Author Topic: Colby's Story  (Read 370 times)
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Gary Morgan
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« on: August 13, 2009, 01:09:09 PM »

Colby’s Story, Sao Paulo, Brazil & the Movement of God
I’m sitting in a Nashville coffeeshop as I write this, less than two weeks away from a flight that will take me to São Paulo, Brazil, for four months. It’s a funny thing to explain how exactly God brought me to this point, but I’ll try to be brief. It’s more important to explain why.

I didn’t want to go to Brazil. I studied Portuguese in college (ask me how that happened), and I became convinced that everything in Brazil - including the entire Amazon rainforest - could kill me. I was perfectly content with living in Nashville and limiting my international travel to Mexico, where I had spent a semester in college.

Then a guy from Memphis named Chris Julian and his family came to Mosaic to share their story of living in São Paulo - one of the biggest cities in the world - and hanging out with a bunch of college students who were following and learning about Christ. It sounded wonderful, but I had my dream job and a life plan that didn’t include the Julians’ story. A group from Mosaic traveled to São Paulo that year to spend a week with those students, and that was that.

A year later, my life plans had run off a cliff, and my dream job had become a nightmare. As I searched for answers, São Paulo - for seemingly no reason at all - reentered my mind. I remembered that we at Mosaic had talked about forming a lasting relationship with the Julians and the students in São Paulo.We had a chance to come back to a door that God had left open for us, and He was telling me to be a part of it.
São Paulo doesn’t need Mosaic, just as Mosaic doesn’t need São Paulo. We at Mosaic and the students in São Paulo could live our entire lives without knowing anything of each other, and we wouldn’t know what we were missing. But Jesus told his disciples that He wanted them to go everywhere, and he wants that for us. He wants us to interact with people from all over Nashville, all over the United States and all over the world. He wants us to share our stories and His story, and to listen to the stories of others. He wants us to grow in Him together.

I’m going to spend four months in São Paulo, and other members of the Mosaic community are going to spend a week there in November. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll hear about what’s happening from people here and there. I ask you to pray that we continually seek God’s direction and will in everything we say and do.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Come up to me at any Mosaic gathering, shoot me an e-mail at csledge@gmail.com, or James Tealy at James@mosaicnashville.org.

My hopes are to grow the relationships we began two years ago; to share with students in São Paulo what Christ is doing in my life; and to share with you what Christ is doing in their lives.   

Até logo, Colby

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