“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” (Colossians 3:15 NIV) [Read by Max McLean. Provided by The Listener's Audio Bible.] Daily Verse by BibleGateway



Why the name Mosaic

We desired to have a name that had a story at its foundation and a name that would allow us to engage in conversations about the story of God. We feel the name Mosaic has a story at it is foundation, a story that:

  • Communicates the reality of God’s love, grace and hope for broken people.
  • Illustrates how a broken and fragmented people come together to reflect the beauty of God.
  • Portrays the Body of Christ as a family made up of many parts joined together with Christ as the head.
  • Describe a people who come together with a variety of experiences, thoughts, and dreams

What We Value

In every one of our lives, we have certain values that shape the decisions we make and the way we live from day to day. We may be very deliberate about determining those values, or we may not even realize what they are - but values are very real in every life.

We call those values Threads: the values from the ancient scriptures that are at the core of God’s story and at the core of who Mosaic desires to be as a community of Jesus followers. These are the essentials that are woven into all we are and all we are becoming – both as individuals and as a whole. They shape us as followers of Jesus, defining our role in the movement of God. This is who we are. These are non-negotiables that we hold to, that we strive for. They become the rhythms that we live by.

Design. Love. Mission. Relevance. Surrender.

DESIGN: Romans 12:2 . Luke 2:52 . Genesis 2:7

-real & honest
-living life out of who you are
- the process of becoming that which God intends for us to be
-who you were created to be
-understanding who we are and who God is and the ever-happening transformation
-the way God intended us to live
-being formed into the image of Jesus
-accepting others in their realness
-not just for us but for others
-embracing God’s design for our lives
-becoming truly human

LOVE: Acts 4:32-34 . John 13:35 . Mark 12:29-31

-love God, love others
-not easy, but real
-service, sacrifice, selfless, unwavering
-everyday, exist for other
-breaking down walls
-community (with a cause)
-bigger than us

MISSION: John 17:18

-to change/impact the world
-connecting people to the living God
-real time, being real, living for others
-being Jesus among people, serving people
-allowing God to work through us, uniquely
-being out/visible
-our story

RELEVANCE: 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

-incarnational living as opposed to attractional
-relevant to Jesus
-method changes, message remains without compromise
-communicating in the language of the culture
-others focused

SURRENDER: Matthew 20:26-28

-fluid & organic with continual movement
-there are no sacred cows in connect people with Jesus
-adapting & empowering not controlling
-we'll put God first no matter what
-leave the 99 to get the one
-humble, humility, humble submission
-doesn't mean there isn’t any structure but God is the structure
-show us the best structure that will unleash the full potential of your spirit
-both structure and spirit are always present together; one is never absent of the other

Is Mosaic unique and different

Mosaic is continually changing but from this point we can say¦

Mosaic uses a philosophy of ministry that reflects early Christianity

Christianity is not a modern human-made organized religion, but one that is organic, community-oriented and has roots going back to the very beginning of the Bible. We will not be relying on modern and contemporary approaches to preaching, worship services and ministry methodology to shape what church is supposed to be. Rather, we will go back into the New Testament and look at church history to see what the early church was like, and translate that into a vision and design for a church for Nashville in today's time and culture.

Mosaic is a church of "people", not just a "place" you go to

This may sound confusing, but nowhere in the New Testament do you read once that they "went to church". What you do read is that the church (the people) gathered together. There is a big difference between the two. The church is the people, not a place or a meeting you attend. We believe that through time in the modern world, the church" has become known to be more of a place that people go to vs. a people on a mission for God. We cannot underestimate the power of words that shape our viewpoints and understanding of what a "church" is, and how it is supposed to function. Mosaic will definitely have large weekly worship gatherings, and will have various classes and other meetings at a "place"- but foremost, we will be defined and function as a community of "people".

Mosaic is a multi-generational church comprised of people of all-ages

Mosaic is a church that will be open to anyone of any age who connects with heart of the church community and philosophy of ministry. Due to the nature of the worship approach and philosophy of ministry, it will probably be very attractive in particular to emerging generations and younger families. However, we are finding that the approach to early Christianity we are going to be taking is resonating with a surprising amount of hearts from all generations. Our core leadership will be comprised of those of all ages. A very high value in this church will be older generations mentoring and discipling the younger, so we desire to see a broad age span of those who are part of the Mosaic community.

Mosaic is a holistically designed family-based church

We are paying very special attention to being a family-based church. We design all we do to develop a holistic family ministry. Approaching the family holistically meaning that we will have a very strong children's ministry - yet not departmentalizing ministry to the extent where families never worship together, or have schedules in church which separates and causes conflicts in how a family functions in a Christian community. Our youth ministry will also be designed in a very unique way using a different approach as well. We are extremely passionate about youth since Gary and many of the leaders background is in youth ministry. Youth ministry is also in a transitional condition right now in America, and we will be designing Mosaic to be at the forefront of this new movement for how teenagers are part of a church community.

Mosaic desires arts and creativity at its core

We believe that God created us in His image and that God's creativity should be reflected in the church. We will be passionate about expressing our faith and communicating the Scriptures through creative means. Art, music, poetry, photography, dance, acting will all be encouraged and in the fabric of the churches worship expression (Genesis 1, Exodus 31:3-4). Creativity and the arts won't be something the church does, but something ingrained in who we are.

Mosaic strives to clear up misconceptions about Christianity

The early church was highly criticized in that ancient time period, for many things that were not true, but were misconceptions. Because of these misconceptions about Christianity, apologists in the early church developed (those who gave a defense, an "apology", a reasonable and intelligent explanation of the faith). Today, we live in an age and culture where many criticisms and misconceptions about Christianity have developed again (understandably so). Mahatma Gandhi once said, "I like your Christ, but don't like your Christians. You Christians are so unlike your Christ." Mosaic will be very passionate about trying to clear up the bad name and impression some Christians unfortunately have given about Christianity and the church.

We will make opportunities during events and in our relationships for dialogue -- not just one-way presentation. No question will too foolish, too challenging or too insignificant to ask at Mosaic. We will encourage exploring truth together (Acts 17:11-12). We will be passionate about intelligently and lovingly knowing and explaining why we believe what we do as Christians (1 Peter 3:15-16).

Mosaic will be missional

Unfortunately, the word "mission" has sometimes been associated negatively in terms of Christianity. Being "missional" simply means to be outward and others-focused with the goal of expressing and sharing the love of Jesus. The church was not created for itself to remain inward-focused, but actually created to worship God and to spread His love to others. We each were created for a missional purpose. Therefore, we won't have a "missions department" because the whole church itself is a mission. Jesus clearly told the church to "go and make disciples" (Matthew 28:18-20). For us today, this command is not exclusive to overseas missions alone (which we will support), but foremost, take this command from Jesus to live out in our own communities, families, and day to day lives.