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voting for God
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Joined: 12 Aug 2004
Posts: 11
Location: on the journey
Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 7:53 am    Post subject: Voting for God

alright, let's get political. hopefully we can still love each other and be of a different political persuasion. to what extent does your faith affect your voting for any elected official, be it president or some town clerk.

my family background is a history lesson in conservative politics and ideology. i myself have broken away from that. but i mention my family because it did not matter what other issues were on the political table. when it came to voting for a canidate there was only one question: "pro-choice or pro-life?" that one issue decided it all.

another example in my life comes from when i was in college. i went to school at a conservative christian college, in a very conservative county. they didn't even allow the sale of alcohol or pornography in the county. (i'm not lamenting my lost interests, i'm just saying this was a conservative place.)

come election time there was a state representative election in that district. the republican canidate (pro-life) had just been found out for severely abusing his wife. even his fellow republicans wanted him off the ticket and had endorsed the democratic canidate. he did lose the state vote, but when they looked back at the poll numbers he had almost 90% in the precinct that covered the college. He lost in every single other precinct in the state.

so after all the long-windedness: how does your faith affect your voting? should we vote at all? how do you weigh which candidate will do the most good for the most amount of people? so on and so on.........
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Joined: 16 Aug 2004
Posts: 3
Location: Nash
Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 2:53 pm    Post subject: David Foster

over at BCC, pastor David Foster shared an interesting thought on this. There are some that feel to be a real Christian, you must vote Republican. There are just as many that feel you need to vote Democratic to be a real Christian.
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Joined: 12 Aug 2004
Posts: 4
Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 5:22 pm    Post subject:
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Joined: 24 Aug 2004
Posts: 13
Location: earth
Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 7:54 pm    Post subject: "Go ahead, throw your vote away!!!"- the Simpsons

Here's my take on it:

George Bush is obviously an idiot. John Kerry is obviously an a**hole.

I'm throwing my vote away on a third party candidate.
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Joined: 14 Aug 2004
Posts: 6
Location: lost and confused
Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 9:02 pm    Post subject: Re: "Go ahead, throw your vote away!!!"- the Simps

Are you trying to stir up trouble, noir? You're are going to get a bad rep. on this board.

astrotoby wrote:
Here's my take on it:

George Bush is obviously an idiot. John Kerry is obviously an a**hole.

I'm throwing my vote away on a third party candidate.

I think that Bush is worse than an idiot which is why I think it is important to vote for someone who actually has a chance of beating him.

John Kerry is not my favorite person in the world. I am annoyed that he is running so much on his Vietnam record when there are good things he could say about himself from the rest of his life.

I totally understand wanting to vote for a third party candidate. I did this in the last Massachusetts gubernatorial race. The green party candidate was quite impressive while both the dem and the rep were jerks. But I knew in that race that it didn't really matter who won. They were both jerks but not enough to ruin the whole state. In my opinion Bush and Cheney have done a ton of damage to this country as well as other places in the world and I can't in good conscience vote for anyone that can't get him out of office. That's just my opinion.
Joel 2:16
"Sanctify the congregation, assemble the aged; gather the children, even infants at the breast."
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Site Admin
Joined: 26 Jul 2004
Posts: 12
Location: 609
Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2004 4:21 pm    Post subject:

of all the hard questions plaguing me now, this may be tops. luckily, it will go away in a few months. i have personal feelings about each of the candidates, and the system in general, but here is my take:

i want more choices. true freedom is found in choice, and i feel that we only have 2, which to me, really isn't much of a choice. i can either vote (in this election) way right or way left.

i think both candidates are for big government, and that's not something that i personally like. it would be great if we had 4 different parties that were equal in the power thing, but it seems to all come down to money.

difficult, indeed.
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