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Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 3:43 pm
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Mosaic… living the story

As a good friend stated, “ We recognize that it's our job as a community, not to attract and convert people, but to go and serve them. We believe that this will introduce people seeking God to Christ better than any "program" we could ever devise.

We see our community not as being interested in "missions," but as being mission. ?In other words, the church is not here for "us"- to serve us and make us happy... we are here for the Church which is here for the world. ?
We recognize our fundamental identity as "sent." We gather together regularly to share life and grow closer to God and one another, but that in it is not the full extent of our mission. Our mission is to "be Christ", to do those things He would do in the world were He in our shoes.”

Thus, this was the reason for our conversation about service last week. How might we as a community of Christ followers be more intentional in becoming a caring compassionate community of service to the city of Nashville and those around the world.

So, thanks to all who came out and engaged in the conversation last week. What a great evening of sharing ideas and creating questions. I know some of you were not able to make it so here is an overview of out thoughts and ideas.

Service Development Ideas

1. We would like to develop a team to provide opportunities for Mosaic to participate in corporate missional experiences.

2. We would to inform our community about service opportunities -- lets begin by collecting information on a number of avenues for service within the Nashville community and then make them available for people during our Sunday gathering.

(Our goal here is to inform our community and to move people to engage in service opportunities, which are currently available.

Some of those ideas were ---Missional Opportunities
Benevolence Ministries
Community Car Wash
Community Dinner
East Nashville Cooperative Ministries
Feed the Children
Feed the Need Food Drive
Hope Clinic for Women
Shut- In Ministry
Thanksgiving Community Dinner
Toy Store
Y-Cap Mentoring Program[/list]

3. We will share their stories of others

4. We will begin to Spotlight Stories of people in the eletter.

5. We will incorporated more missional stories in the life of our gatherings

6. We will inform and pray for Missional endeavors in Nashville and around the world.

The Big Questions? What Now?

Living the story means we inform about missional endeavors, share stories of the movement of God in the lives of all people and provide opportunities for the Mosaic community to be involved together. Here are some of my thoughts. What are some of yours?

1. We need some one to drive and maintain the information about service opportunities in Nashville. (IF anyone is interested let me know ….we all can help but can anyone lead this.)

2. We need someone of gather the stories of others --- we will than use them in the throwaway the e-letter and etc.

3. We need leaders to drive corporate missional endeavors --- here is an example of this in an email I received today.

Gary I saw this on the Christian women’s job corp. --- I went ahead and told them we'd provide 2. I can write up something for you to include in a throwaway and get on the Web site. Could we announce that on Sunday? I'm thinking I could post a sign-up for the specific pieces and ask people to bring them by Nov. 10.

4. Let the conversation flow and we will all get back together Tuesday evening November 21st.

May the love of God continually interrupt your day,

coffee drinker

[+] A few more suggestions of places to be involved.
Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 4:22 pm
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Thought I should point out two more places we should probably be thinking about as we consider corporate serving opportunities.

If you want to do anything related to serving homeless people I would strongly encourage you to check out the Homeless Power Project. Rather than a charity group this is an empowerment group working towards justice. You'll have the opporunity to volunteer and serve under currently and formerly homeless people.

From the Homeless Power Project Website:
We are homeless and formerly homeless people confronting the root causes of poverty and oppression. We fight for the human rights of all poor people while striving for the civil rights of those who remain on the streets. We believe that housing, healthcare, food security and use of public facilities are rights that we all deserve. We develop concrete solutions by building power through relationships with our brothers and sisters in the streets, allies, and decision makers.


Secondly, my personal favorite (probably cause I work there), is Monroe Harding. Especially for those in the Green Hills area, we are in need of tutors to come and volunteer an hour or two a week just to help guys with their homework, empowering them to pass their classes, move on to graduate high school, and have the tools they need to succeed in life. You could work one on one or with a group. There are lots of other volunteer opportunities there as well. Honestly, an hour a week helping a youth with his school work will honestly change his life.
Monroe Harding 298-5573. (the website is messed up right now).

my name is ariah. I like talking to people.
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Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 11:05 am
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good stuff ariah ----

Hey you all what are some other things we could pull together in order to continualy inform the mosaic commuity?

We will then set up a way to make the info available ---web, info table, etc.

So, wiht that if you hav an idea --- could you all gether the info... if they have info pieces check with them for multipy pieces so we can keep the info on hand,

If not go to there site and write up a blur on the opportunity.

ANyone willing to lead pulling this together.

May the love of God continually interrupt your day,

coffee drinker

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