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This section will include posts from the mosaic community and others who have thoughts on all sorts of things.



August 15, 2006
new sunday conversation a·wak·en·ing
a·wak·en·ing is about people who sense God's calling on their lives, it?s about a community with dreams, it?s about a community exploring what God might want to do in and through them, it?s about rearrangement, it?s about stretching, it?s about beginning for some and growing for others. Join us over the next few months as we explore the movement of God as told in the book of Acts. Join us as Mosaic continues to open ourselves up to God and allows God to shape and change us. Join us as we experience an ACT of?a·wak·en·ing

May 23, 2006
Mosaic Sabbatical Week
Sabbaticals in today's world refer to an extended time completely away from one's normal work.
Sabbatical comes from the word Sabbath. If we look at the Biblical roots of the Sabbath, we see that it means the day of rest. But the intention was to not only rest the body and the mind, but also to refresh our souls.
Beginning May 28th after our morning worship gathering until June 4 we will have no schedule events, in hopes to rest the body, the mind, and the soul.
So prepare yourself and determine what you need to shift your thinking from the normal schedule to sabbatical. Without this mindset rearrangement, it will be difficult to achieve the goals that you've set. Take the time to get your mind and our soul ready.
And may your sabbatical week be a time of refreshment for your mind, your body and your soul. Enjoy the week and we will see you next Sunday.

Thoughts and ideas- from Your Vacation as a True Sabbatical by Jeff Cornwall Director of the Belmont University Center for Entrepreneurship Bio/Vita

March 13, 2006
threads the conversation
threads: the values from the ancient scriptures that are at the core of God's story and at the core of who Mosaic desires to be as a community of Jesus followers.
these are the essentials that are woven into all we are and all we are becoming ? both as individuals and as a whole. They shape us as followers of Jesus, defining our role in the movement of God. This is who we are. These are non-negotiables that we hold to, that we strive for. They become the rhythms that we live by.
Mission. Love. Design. Relevance. Surrender.
So, join us over the next few weeks as we explore, experience, and engage in the conversation, threads.

January 12, 2006
Community Groups Begin (check out the schedule and Join one)

Mosaic will be a church of "people", not a "place" you go to. For us, the point is not just "going to a church," but being church in our daily lives and everyday interactions with others. At mosaic, commonLIFE in Christ starts @ home and among friends.

Thus community groups gather in homes, but also in other kinds of spaces. Some groups meet in coffeehouses and some in parks. The spaces vary, but the purpose is the same: small groups of people gathering to share life, tell stories, eat meals, pray, serve and grow together in Jesus Christ.

So, join a community group and invest in others.

January 3, 2006
New Sunday Conversation "30 Days"

Morgan Spurlock, creator of the documentary, ?Super Size Me? and the Fx original series, ?30 Days?, makes this statement about his television series, ?My goal with this series is just to plant the seeds that will hopefully inspire you to seek out more information or act to make a change in your own community. So get involved, make a difference, change the world ... in the end it's up to you.?
Over the next 30 days we long to do the same, to dive into conversations about the stories of those in scripture who have placed themselves into the shoes of others, the cultures of others, the lands of others and the lives of others. Our hope is that we may be convinced to act, to seek out, to get involved, to make a change, to follow in the ways of Jesus.
So for the next 30 days join us as we live in someone else?s shoes?.In the end it?s up to you.

December 22, 2005
Christmas Worship Gathering
December 23 Christmas Worship Gathering O' Come let us adore Him Friday 7:00 PM at the Anchor 629 Third Ave South 37210 Nashville, TN This year we'll celebrate Christmas with Carols, lots of Candles and Communion.

November 10, 2005
the ride continues
the ride continues,
the word is out,
yes, we are moving.
on december 4, 2005 to
629 third avenue south in downtown n?ville

On Sunday, December 4 we will be gathering at a new location, 629 Third Avenue South in Downtown Nashville. This location is the gathering place of The Anchor Fellowship
The Anchor Fellowship Church has graciously allowed us to lease their facilities for Sunday gatherings, a few additional community gatherings a month, storage, and band practice. We continually thank the Lord and the Anchor fFllowship for paving the way for this new location.

So, pass the word and stay tuned for more information, and continue to do life with God and others.

November 7, 2005
The Building at McGavock
It was just a few months ago when we stated we will be moving into a new location at 1525 McGavock St. for our worship gathering. We were excited and felt it was where we needed to be for the time being. However, it is time to move again, we received a notice along with other the tenants of the building stating the building must be vacated by December 31, 2005. We are not exactly sure what is gong to happen to the building but we believe it is going to become a parking lot.
So, we are on the search again, for a venue in which we can gather together, eat meals together, and do life together.
Please be in pray for a new place to do life together. We have always stated that Church is a people not a place?may our actions continue to represent our words. Pass the word and stay tuned for more information about when a move will take place.
In the mean time the people of mosaic still do life all over including a building at 1525 McGavock st. ?. See you there.

September 25, 2005
Our role in foster care
Family Matters "Potluck and special speaker Sunday, September 25th after the service" MeLisa Hovind a foster parent will share from her experience (she became a foster parent at 21 and would've started earlier but that was the age minimum), and then Sharon Zinzow will discuss the ways we can be involved in helping out foster care. We will address service projects and a future meeting date. So come to listen and eat as we discover how God could utilize the community of Mosaic within the foster care system. For more information contact Sharon at

September 13, 2005
The Reception: Saturday - September 17
A party to celebrate the coming together of our community
At The Virtual Factory Stage & The Garage
1525 McGavock Street Nashville, TN 37203
Live music- food -Childcare will be provided

Picnic In the Park: Sunday - September 18
This is our weekend gathering
We will gather at Centennial Park to wrap up the reception weekend. Bring your lunch, a blanket and a Frisbee and we will provide the drinks

For more information please see or call 473-6485.

July 22, 2005
The Merge
It is here, merge week and It is going to be great!
The dates of July 26th picnic in the park & July 31st, our merge Sunday are fast approaching. I am excited about the God given opportunity to do life together. I continue to be blown away by the beautiful fit of vision and values from each community of faith. Thanks to all, for the conversations, questions and prayers, GOD IS GOOD. Let our days ahead be a time for our community to being formed into the image of Christ for the sake of others.

July 26 Picnic at the Park
July 31 Merge Sunday

June 23, 2005
SUNDAY June 26 we will be moving into a new location for our worship gathering located at 1525 McGavock St.
This is not a permanent location as of yet, but it will be our home for the next phase of our life.
Pass the word and stay tuned for more information.

June 13, 2005
**Merge Ahead**
Dear Mosaic Community,
The decision has been made and the news is out, Mosaic is about to experience a blessed expansion! Mosaic Nashville and Mosaic are coming together to further our shared mission and vision. Thanks to all for the conversations, prayers and questions, it is great doing life together Gary

Mosaic Sabbatical Week:
Sabbaticals in today's world refer to an extended time completely away from one's normal work.
Sabbatical comes from the word Sabbath. If we look at the Biblical roots of the Sabbath, we see that it means the day of rest. But the intention was to not only rest the body and the mind, but also to refresh our souls.
Beginning May 28th after our morning worship gathering until June 4 we will have no schedule events, in hopes to rest the body, the mind, and the soul.
So prepare yourself and determine what you need to shift your thinking from the normal schedule to sabbatical. Without this mindset rearrangement, it will be difficult to achieve the goals that you've set. Take the time to get your mind and our soul ready.
And may your sabbatical week be a time of refreshment for your mind, your body and your soul. Enjoy the week and we will see you next Sunday.
Thoughts and ideas from Your Vacation as a True Sabbatical Jeff Cornwall Director of the Belmont University Center for Entrepreneurship Bio/Vita




God, a friend, and a good cup of coffee
Gary Morgan

God, a friend, and a good cup of coffee

As I walked in to get a cup of coffee and a bagel from a hip coffee shop with a great feel, located not far from our home in Nashville, I realized the two baristas, Harley and Abbey, were in deep discussion.

The baristas did not notice I was waiting at the counter so, being the comic I am, I stated, ?Hey, can a man get a cup of coffee in here?? To which Harley stated, ? Clergy, you are a man of the cloth; be patient and keep your mouth shut!?

Wow! OK, I will do just that I thought! Harley came over in just a few seconds laughing at how she had put me in my place. After she let me order my coffee, Harley, and I continued laughing and chatting about what had happen.

I then asked Harley if I could ask her a few questions about her opinion about how I what she thought my actions should be like. She stated I could and the conversation took off.

The first think I asked her was if she cared what I believed as a Pastor? To which she stated, "NO!" I then asked, if she cared about what I Knew? To which she stated, "NO!" I then asked if she cared about how I Acted? To which she stated, "YES! That is the problem I have with you Christians, it is how you act!" I then asked her if she could explain a little more of what she meant by that statement.

She said, "Oh yeah no problem. I struggle with how it seems you Christians are always expressing what you are against. It seems you should spend more time showing what you are for, like love and helping people and stop getting down on people so much." At that point, the line of customers began to form and our conversation for the moment was over.

Since then my wife, other?s from our church and I have had the opportunity to have a number of conversations with Harley about life, coffee, and Jesus. That day helped me to reframe Christianity, and it is through that reframing that I continue to ask myself How do I connect with Harley and let her know more about the love of Jesus?

In 1996, a small group of Christians frustrated with the standard approaches to connecting people to Jesus resigned from the norm of thought and began research on what it would look like if evangelism were a normal part of our lives.

One of the members of this team was Jim Henderson. Jim tells the story, "that as a young boy he felt he would have become a Christian if someone would have asked. Jim states that the journey of grasping life, and evangelism have continued years after becoming a follower of Jesus."

It is this journey that led Jim and the off-the-map team to repeatedly ask the question, so how do we evangelize?

How do students, musicians, artists, designers and retail clerks, parents and construction workers, those who skate and water ski and who do cross-stitch and who play in rock bands and who read mystery novels, find a more natural way of connecting with their not yet Christian friends.

This small group of people, begin to call themselves off-the-map and developed the premise that, "Programs can be helpful in getting started but they fail in the long run because like diets they?re someone else?s idea. What we need are practices -- simple, memorable activities that can be done by ordinary people as part of their normal routine. No special training necessary. No unusual courage required."

Writer, theologian, Jim Henderson, states, that over the past few years, hundreds of stories have come from people all over the world, stories of people who have found a more natural way of connecting with their not ? yet Christian friends using ORDINARY ATTEMPTS or OA'S.

Their research states in, the official web site of the OA, that large portions of Jesus followers have a trace of Evangelism Frustration Disorder. (E.F.D.) is rampant among Christians. The symptoms are:

(1) evangelistic memory loss --where you can?t remember the last time you witnessed to someone;
(2) Creeping evangelistic guilt syndrome -- you really don?t want to witness to anyone, and
(3) Bad evangelistic math dysfunction ? nothing you try really counts with God.

As I read about E. F. D I thought, Wow! I not only think E.F.D. is a prevalent plague in the church but if I were to be diagnosed I would also be a carrier. So, Is there any way to move out of such a frustrated type of life other that avoiding evangelism all together.

Dallas Willard, professor of philosophy at the University of California, addressed that very question in the Winter, 2001 issue of Cutting Edge magazine. ?So, how do we evangelize?? To which he stated, "we ravish people with the blessings of the Kingdom. You make them hungry for it. That's why words are so important. You use words to lavish people with the beauty of the kingdom. It?s the beauty of the Kingdom that Jesus said was causing people to climb over each other just to get in. People become excited like the pearl-purchaser "they will give everything to get it."

Ordinary Attempts or evangelism for the rest of us. Is just that! What Jim and others with have seen over the past few years is hundreds of stories coming from people all over the world, people who have found a more natural way of connecting with their not ? yet Christian friends using Ordinary Attempts or OA'S ,thus a more natural way of loving, serving and lavishing people with the beauty of God.

So, why an Ordinary attempt?

The OA saying is that the confrontational brand of evangelism that most Christians are taught is simply too risky. Evangelism must become doable (simple and natural) and ordinary (part of everyday life) if more of us are going to play. The phrase Ordinary Attempts (or OAs) says it well. To make an "ordinary attempt" is to evangelize through relational acts of kindness. OAs normalizes evangelism for ordinary Christians.

Here is an OA story from one who found a way out of the E.F.D. trap.

The Hold The Door OA
Becky was a single mom at the time. She had a young son and a full time job. Dad was gone. Becky was a restaurant manager. She had just worked another long shift and was on her way home when she realized she needed gas. Stopping at her local 7-11, she was walking toward the main entrance when suddenly an OA happened. Without warning, an older man approached her, brushed by and reaching out opened the door to the 7-11 for her. She was moved to tears by the kindness this man displayed. Something so small, so ordinary, and so doable as simply opening a door made a huge impact on Becky. Years later, now married, with children grown and life improved dramatically, she still remembers that small act of kindness when something ordinary happened to her. She still cries when she tells the story.

OAs are the little things. Small and ordinary behaviors, which look like this:
Asking someone "How are you?" and really listening to them
Asking a "tip-sensitive" food-server about his life outside of work
Being unusually interested in someone else
Pray for someone behind their back
Hold the door open for a stranger
Give a little money away
Pray short prayers
Do what's doable -- it's all your going to do anyway

Ordinary attempts are
Simple human behavior already being practiced
Not a program, a pitch or a presentation,
A shift in how we view people
Ordinary Attempts help us to connect with the people Jesus misses most.

In the scripture one can see how the familiar story of Zacchaeus, gives us insight into the nature of the ordinary attempt and how Jesus approached his mission. Chris Matthews, a pastor in Cincinnati, Ohio shares what he sees in Luke 19:1-10, "Here's what's remarkable about Jesus. As he's traveling along, he comes upon an ordinary tree and then does something extraordinary; he stops and notices! Jesus is busy, the religious crowd wants his attention and yet he stops and stares up at a tree. Go figure!

Jesus profoundly impacted Zachaeus not by sharing good news with him, but by being good news to him on that day. He stopped and noticed. If we want to be on mission with Jesus, we'll need to relearn the lost art of noticing. There are people in trees just waiting to be noticed, if we take the time to just stop and let them know that they matter.

People crave being noticed. Yet it?s the one thing most of us don't get enough of. So when you take even a moment and give someone your attention, people remember it. They carve out a place for you in their memory and sometimes their heart.

Jim Henderson, tells, "How his wife can bake the same cake with the same ingredients several different ways depending on the mood she's in or the tastes of those being served. When you "OA" you decide how to bake the cake." Off -the-Map gives us the simple ingredients of an OA.

Ingredient #1 - OA s are real
Jesus came to bring reality not religion.

Sharon's OA story captures the effectiveness of reality:

"I had an interesting experience today in a toy shop while buying a Christmas present for my son. As I was at the check out counter I overheard one of the sales girls (a young college student) telling one of the other sales girls that she was exhausted, hungry and needed a break but all she had was $3.25 which wasn?t quite enough money to get the deli sandwich she really wanted. The other gal said, "Why don't you just buy a bagel?" She said she could but she was really craving a deli sandwich. So... I reached over the counter, handed her a five-dollar bill and said, "Merry Christmas!" She took the money, started to cry and came around the counter and hugged me. Two other sales girls stood there looking quite perplexed, along with their customers. They just stared at me. I then handed each of them a free coupon for a drink at Starbucks and said Merry Christmas. (I think this is technically called an OA pile on) They took the coupons and continued to stare at me. I asked if I could pay for my items. They looked kind of flustered and started to ring the items up. One of the gals asked me, "Why did you do this?" I said, "Because Jesus loves you and Christmas is all about him, giving, and him giving his life for you." They both stood there looking very perplexed, finished ringing me up, said thank you, and then I left. It was so much fun!

Like Sharon, Jesus frequently left people with their mouths hanging open. His authenticity stood out in stark contrast with the artificiality they had come to expect from other religious leaders. OAs are small acts of authenticity. Not a program or a pitch. Just me being me---doing what?s doable.

Ingredient #2 - OA s are intentional
Focus and intentionality are two principles that make businesses successful. Great business leaders know what they?re trying to do, and then go about doing it on purpose.

A Prayer about from Solomon's Porch Church in
Minneapolis MN

O God, how good you are to allow us to call you 'our Father'! Not only do you allow it, you command it. What gratitude, what joy, what love, and above all, what confidence it inspired in me. And since you are so good to me, I should be good to others. You are Father to all people, so I should feel like a loving brother towards everyone, however wicked he may be. Our Father, our Father, teach me to have your name continually on my lips.

Dallas Willard states, "churches that took seriously the kingdom would be deeply immersed in giving every bit of their resources to doing good, to blessing their communities. "

Ingredient #3 - OA s are fun!
Business gets it. As competition heats up they're lightening up. Old corporate titles like CEO are being replaced by Manager of Mischief as they realize that "staring at the bottom line " doesn't make it increase.

Brian McClaren states, "Teach what Jesus taught"in the way that Jesus taught - using story, question, and conversation," have fun planting seeds and not to worry about getting it all in at one sitting.

Come and OA with me.

In the scripture we read the words of Jesus:
If anyone gives a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple. I tell you the truth; he will certainly not lose his reward. Matthew 10:42

The OA paraphrase of this passage reads like this:
If anyone? even cowards for Jesus Gives even? small things are the big things A cup of cold water? ordinary things are the real things Because he is my disciple? good intentions count too He will not lose his reward? It counts and God will multiply its effectiveness

While the OA call Is, "When it comes to evangelism we can be our ordinary selves and it turns out to be good enough. It turns out that all He needs are the five loaves and two fish of our lives. Something we already have. Rather than trying to escape the ordinary we ought to exploit it and attempt something small for God. Something ordinary."

Therefore.."Devote yourself to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ for which I am in Chains?. Make the most of every opportunity. Let you conversation be always full of grace, and seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.? -- Colossians 4: 2-6

Gary Morgan
Coffee drinker
Mosaic pastor

For more see

Written by Gary Morgan on Wednesday, February 9, 2005, 10:36 PM.
Last modified on Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 12:55 PM.



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